The Apartamenty Innova Estate is the third housing project (the previous ones being Osiedle Innova and Osiedle Moderno) undertaken by FPP in the Krzyki District of Wrocław. Apartamanty Innova II są kontynuacją rozbudowy osiedla Apartamanty Innova. Two (six-floor and seventeen-floor) buildings will house 206 apartments in aggregate. They have been designed with functionality and convenience of their future dwellers in mind by APA Hubka Architects, recipients of many architectural awards and prizes. The seventeen-floor building will offer a magnificent panorama of the city. All the apartments are fitted with panoramic windows, ensuring good exposure to sunlight and above-standard room height, as well as featuring functional apartment layout with an internal subdivision into the daytime and nighttime area. Each apartment comes with a balcony or a loggia.

There are 4 commercial units with direct access from the street available at level 0. The underground garage is situated at levels 0, -1, and -2. The estate offers a green area in the form of a garden situated at level 1, over the underground garage; space for bicycle racks has also been provided. In addition to the parking spaces, the garage also houses storage units and bicycle lockers. As in Osiedle Innova and Osiedle Moderno, enclosed spaces meeting the environmental requirements have been provided for selective collection of waste.

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